Thursday, 7 December 2017

Labour refuse Shevington a Voice on Parish Council

It has long been discussed why Labour refuse to allow Shevington residents a referendum on whether to keep the Parish Council, where they pay EXTRA TAX. In the last Parish Elections more people collectively voted for the referendum BUT still Labour refuse them their voice. Sounds like the Spanish Government on Catalonia.

There are even some that want to keep the Parish council but want to have a referendum so the argument can be resolved once and for all but Still Labour say NO!

With the extra tax do residents get any more for their money? NO!
They simply pay twice. The Labour Run Parish Council have lost £10K on a bowling green ran up £00,000's of debt. This can not go on. If allowed to continue the tax will have to rise further.

In this by election ALL the other candidates support the Parish Council and demand that Shevington residents should pay more than any other residents in the whole of the borough.

Janet Brown is the ON



Residents angry at 3 weekly Bin Collection

During the Shevington By election residents have made it crystal clear that they are very angry with this Labour Control Council moving the bin collection to 3 weekly and many suspect it is just a stepping stone to monthly collection, which will becoming soon.

The idea the council say is to encourage recycling but many can't store all this waste for that long. But bin men are refusing more and more bins due to weight and contamination and some residents are telling us they will not recycle because the council are not being far and they are doing this in protest to them on this policy.

If elect Janet Brown, Shevington Independents candidate, vowed to fight for a fortnightly collection as this is clearly what residents want and are paying for.

What residents in Shevington do on 14th December 2017 is BIN LABOUR


Labour Closed Shevington Community Primary School

Some may remember the so called consultation with regards primary schools in Shevington. What a farce! Parents said that the decision had already been made by the Labour Council. The original story was covered here.

At the end of it all Shevington Community Primary School, which had outstanding from Ofsted, was closed whilst other schools with lower grades remained open.

The 3 MALE LABOUR Cllrs did nothing to help and one even said he was a School Governor of another school, which stayed open surprisingly, so he could not help. Why didn't he resign the school governors position so he could help all concerned and he wouldn't have been biased?

The real issue is that Shevington Community Primary school closed and this is on prime development land. At first the council said they would not be selling the land. Now the school is closed, guess what? Yes the Labour Run Council are looking to dispose of the land. Surprise surprise.

If elected Janet Brown will work for ALL the residents, young and old, and will work to make sure the right decisions are made for the people of the ward and not for the Labour run Council pockets.

Janet has been a teacher before retiring and is all to aware how important education is.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Shevington By Election Update - Major Parties agree residents should pay more

So we are now in the middle of the by election in Shevington and all 3 Major Parties, Labour, conservatives and Lib Dems say that Shevington Residents should pay more AND not be allowed a voice.

All of them agree for more development in the area and also less services.

It is clear that there is ONLY ONE candidate that is for Shevington Residents should have a say and pay less, should not be over developed and should get better value for money and that is Janet brown.

Janet said, " I cannot believe that the other parties all agree for more taxes for residents in Shevington, More houses  and less services. If elected I will be opposing all of these and saying the residents should have a voice, pay less and no developments. It is seems there is no difference between the major parties."

In the last parish council elections over 50 % of people voted to have referendum to get rid of the Parish Council and then pay less tax. All 3 Major Parties support the PC going and want it to grow meaning more taxes. The PC has lost £10k on a bowling green and put the Parish council into hundred's of thousands of pounds worth of debt.


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Corbyn calls Tory's for Spin doctor then hires one

You couldn't make this up Corbyn said last week this about the Tory Government,  "continual preference for spin over substance". However, him calling the Tory's for having spin doctors must have stopped now and he has changed his mind. Why? Because this week he is advertising for a spin doctor for him self with a salary of £65,000.

Says one thing and does another which leads nicely into what I have said about the Labour Party, do I say not as I do. Double standards or what ?

Seriously if the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn want to be taken seriously they cannot call the other side and then go and do it themselves, it completely knocks any credibility out of the water. It is like Tony Blair all over again - just this time with a Communist leader. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Labour Cllrs, Charities and your money

So I have been looking at taxpayers money and where it is going. There has been a lot of discussion on Social media about alleged wrongs regarding money which has lent me to look into this matter.

The Deal is Donna Halls brain child and labour have certainly used this well.  I did the first story here on the 20th Nov. Looking further into it it gets worse.

There are a number of Labour Cllrs first and foremost that do not declare that they are directors of businesses.  Wonder why that is? However, some are trustees of Charities too. When we look at minutes of Council and Cabinet meetings we can see that Labour Cllrs have voted for the deal, they have allowed the money to be spent. Then later on their charities/groups have applied for grants of the deal. Just a quick adding up of the figures and you can see that Charities whereby Labour Cllrs run them, or Ex labour Cllrs get vast amounts of money.

Let's look at a Charity called Compassion in Action. A Charity that says helps women that suffer domestic abuse. A Nobel cause. However this is run by a former Labour Cllr.  In the rules of the charity the director and chief executive have to rotate every so many years. This is a practise to stop any one person running it solely. But in this case? This Charity has had a quarter of a million pounds of your money. The Chief Executive is a former Labour Cllr and she gets paid for this role. Also their son is the director of it had gets paid. In fact the income for the charity has dropped over the last year but yet his salary has gone up 25% in just one year. So there we have a former Labour Cllr and son getting your money. We can see what the Director gets paid and asked the charity how much the former the Chief Executive gets? They did not answer.

Next we have a serving Labour Cabinet Labour Cllr Cunliffe, who fails to declare on his interests that he is a Director of a Charity. The Charity Fix It also gets a grants totalling £300,000. Wow this is large sums of money we are talking about. When we see who else is the director of the company there is another Ex Labour Cllr. Would this charity get funding to this sum if had it not been Labour Cllrs running it? Only thsoe charities seem to get these large sums. Wonder why that is?

There are just a dozen charities/ groups that total £615,000 from this one pot of money alone. This is shocking that Labour Cllrs use charities for political reasons and then some of them are getting paid from them. When we add them up to the other story I mention at the beginning of this blog we can see approx £1m of your money is going to Labour and their cronies causes. When we see if the external auditors have mentioned any extra due diligence or if the charities or the council themselves have done this we can see none.

One group on the list that has got funding got taxpayers money via way of a grant and then used 50% of that money for their election leaflets. The Police took no action because they said the Cllrs had paid the money back. O really well one of them is on social media bragging he hasn't.

Some may say keep digging and find out what the true cost of what Labour and their Cheif Executive waste in Wigan. I shudder to think but we can see that it would be well into the millions if this is how they treat your money.

Yobs run Riot in Shevington

Residents in Shevington and throughout the ward are sick to death of yobs ruining their streets with their anti social behaviour. After the yobs have taken the streets, as a number of residents say, the Council have put up CCTV.

If elected Janet Brown, Shevingotn Independents say that she will push for the police to hit the streets and take back the streets to allow residents a quiet, peaceful and law abiding community.

Residents are sick of this Labour run council talking about the issue and doing nothing about it. The time for talk is Over and the Time for Action is now!

On the 14th December Shevington Residents will be able to show they are sick of it by voting someone in that will tackle the issue - Janet Brown - Shevington Independents.