Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wigan Taxpayers are going to be hit with an Andy Burnham Tax in April

Back in 2014 the people of Greater Manchester were asked if they wanted to have an elected Mayor. The result was a firm NO! Labour leaders across Greater Manchester welcomed this. However, the two main parties said why should we listen to the people. We don't normally.

So the then Chancellor George Osbourne and the Labour Leaders of Greater Manchester did a deal against people's wishes and did a devo manc deal where labour would run health services directly in the area and we would get a directly elected Mayor that no one wanted.

When the Mayor elections were held Labour's candidate Andy Burnham won the vote with less than a third of people voting. Why so low? Because no one wanted the position in the first place and secondly hardly anyone could understand what they actually did.

Now it has come to light that in April in your Council tax will be an added £10 to pay for Andy Burnham's office. This is will raise £2-£3 million but no one wanted the Mayor in the first place now we are being forced to pay more tax. It had been mooted that Andy Burnham wanted to charge £20- £30 per household but Labour Leaders thought this was a bad idea. Probably because it would hit them hard in the Local Elections. So a lower figure of £10 seems likely however no final figure has been agreed yet.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Council gagging order leaves Wigan Council open to Corruption charge

So many people on this site which is growing by the 000's every month so thank you and welcome to all the new views.

This month looks like the biggest month ever. The record so far is 10,000 hits for a single month. With the hits nearing that already on that it is a sure thing that record will be broken. So thank you.

One reason why people like this blog is I expose the illegal and corrupt practises and issues at Wigan Council and now it seems others are following too, including BBC Radio 5 Live who have revealed that Councils in the UK have paid out £226.7 million in gagging orders. These are where Councils pay ex-employees to keep their gobs shut. So in the case of Wigan Council we all say the programme don't blame the council where it was blatant that Wigan Council took the Michael - I wanted a swear word here- and they got a way with it. We had people falling a sleep on the job filmed. People going home at 2pm and coming back in at 4pm just to clock off. These people were not sacked. We saw the Director of some dept Terry Dunn ripping up lawns on a mower prating around. He was sacked but to keep his gob shut he was paid nearly a million quid. Wow!!!! I hear also that the Council wanted to pay less but he said he knew all the skeletons - and he did too - he was right. So they paid him.

We had the bully Linda Fisher whos was paid 000,000's and was again given a gagging order.

There are others that I could mention but the point of the matter is there should not be gagging orders. If someone leaves a council or other employment for that matter if they see something wrong they should be able to report it. Obviously we have people misusing their powers - there are loads of them at Wigan Council - inc Chief executive Donna Hall - but if someone wanted to leave and report it the council just pay them off to keep their gob shut. Whilst that might be very nice for people like Donna Hall and others that mis-use their powers on a daily basis but in the end we will get to the point where it all comes out in years.

In the 90's we had had the situation where children where abused in the care of Wigan Council and the Leader knew about it as it was being reported. But again it's all kept quiet. Recently I asked under FOI for all the memos, letters and other reports to him about the matter. Council response we will not deny or accept they exist. 100% guarantee that he knew why? Because if he didn't know they would release all the details but they won't. Plus after a committee meeting a senior officer agreed to meet me out of the way who gave me all the details and confirmation that the Leader knew. So why didn't he do nothing? The Council also say they cannot comment as there is a legal investigation going on at the minute. But there is people now got papers in court to sue Wigan Council for the abuse they received. What will Wigan council say at the hearings, "Sorry judge we are not talking about it or denying it because there is a legal case is ongoing." They will get the book thrown at them but they won't care because it is not their money that will pay them - it is yours!

The Government should now null and void all gagging orders with regards Council and if their were brave employers too and get all the bad stuff out there what is happening!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Open Letter to Cllr Peter Smith

Dear Peter,

I am writing to you on the issue of your Chief Executive illegally sacking him. As you are aware he now has legal opinion and advice on the matter from leading solicitor Piers Coleman.

You have been in the local press saying that Cllr Steve Jones should just give up as he is no role model to be a Cllr. I would like to ask this who are you to judge? Surely that is for the people of Bryn.

How good is your judge of character? You had Cllr Joe Shaw, who was convicted of down loading child porn and having a gun and ammo and sent to jail. Next you had Emma McGurrin who was convicted of benefit fraud and sent to jail. There is a theme appearing here. Next we have a Number of Labour Cllr who were not sacked like Cllr Winkworth  ( the public will guess what she was called in the council chamber :-) ) and Cllr Bourne  - known in the chamber as Cllr porn as they both had been found guilty of breaking Council policy and using council equipment for downloading porn.

We also have in Bryn a Labour Cllr Rampling who son has been sent to jail for raping a 4 yr old. Here is that story. What great role models you have. I am pretty sure if you continue on course of this "illegal" by election the people of Bryn will be reading about this.

Hang on we have your another mate too - Dorothy Abbott who you employed in the Council and what was her role in the council? Advising staff on what benefits they were allowed. What did she go and do? O yes steal off tax payers by way of benefit fraud. Story here. Nearly £30,000 she stole off the people of Wigan. What a great circle of friends you have.

And what about you? How good are you? That's right you were leader in 1992 when all the child abuse scandals where going on in Wigan Council children's home and what did you do to protect them? NOTHING! Shame on you !

I would therefore take a good long hard at yourself in the Mirror and ask am i really qualified for calling people? 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Leading Solicitor gives legal opinion on illegal sacking

So as many readers will know from this site and others, the Chief Executive of Wigan Council has illegally sacked a Cllr.

After looking over the matter one of Britain's leading solicitor has given his initial findings into the matter. The initial findings are below

Responding to the case Piers said,
If one believes the spokesman, Steve Jones was no longer a Councillor with effect from 5 January and therefore instantly not entitled to vote. However, considering that the intended resignation was only said to be effective on 20 February, that then calls into the question the validity of any votes in the intervening period, or indeed whether he will now be allowed to vote at all.

Piers said,
It seems probable to me that in this case the Council have been premature. We can applaud their enthusiasm and their responsiveness in their desire to fill the expected vacancy as quickly as possible, but it seems probable that they were over-enthusiastic.Does "I will be resigning" mean "I resign". This must be questionable and it must be possible that Steve Jones would (as indeed he did) change his mind.Google again reports a spokesman for the Council, and the spokesman's words are taken from one of the leading text books on the subject. He does not deal with the difference in dates between 5 January and 20 February.
Piers added
the council have merely copied and pasted a section out of the leading text book but they have not looked at the correct section as this section is about immediate resignation and not intended resignations.

We have also have had written from the independent group of the Local Government Association who also confirm that in their view the resignation didn't happen and he is still a Cllr.

Following these fantastic top legal views Cllr Steve Jones put out this statement tonight," Whilst it may have been daft of me to pre-ept what I may do in 6 weeks times it is now clear that what Wigan Council are doing is illegal and wrong! It is absolutely clear that I am the Cllr for Bryn and no matter what Wigan Council say they are wrong. This is not only my view but now but a leading solicitor . It is also clear that they are trying to rush this illegal by-election through asap to try and cut down the time limit I have to challenge them in the courts. That is not my concern. If any Cllrs resigns at this time then it would be better for the taxpyers in terms of cost and time to have 2 elections on one day. But Labour want to see if they can win in Bryn. Regardless of this I am the legal Cllr for Bryn and residents should come to me with issue. On the matter of residents coming to me i would like to once again thank all the many residents across the borough of taking time to contact me with their support. "

With regards Mr Piers Coleman's ability to deal he believe he is because Piers Coleman, a partner in the London office of K&L Gates, acted for Liberal Democrat candidate Elwyn Watkins in the first case of its kind in 99 years to be held in a specially-convened parliamentary election court, which resulted in a by-election being held on January 13 in Oldham East and Saddleworth. This is a case where by he was able to get a Labour MP kicked out of office and trigger a by election as they had broken the law. The first case in 99 years. Those kind of cases are hard to fight and to win demonstrates his ability to take on such a case. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Wigan Council illegally sack a Cllr

It's January and you can tell it's Panto time.

So there one of the opposition Cllr who challenges this Labour Council and their Chief Executive ( yet another illegal post - a Chief Executive cannot be Chief Executive of a political party but this CE doesn't seem to mind that she breaks a few laws and lies through her teeth too)

However, Steve Jones an Independent Cllr for Bryn Ward,who suffers from depression at present and is on medication for this - and the council know this had a personal matter that worsened his depression. The Council got him in and said, "resign, go on you can do it." But he had been named and shamed by the Council for recently owing them money and he said I can't till I pay all the money back to you guys. Council is now in a fix. If he resigns then this would be the case. Scratching their heads the head of Legal Services Brendan Whitworth and Head of democratic service Christine Jones, say, "I know we have a plan quit on the 20th Feb?"

"Why then?"
"Well that is when the debt will be paid off. "

So under pressure by way of if he didn't resign their would go on and create more stress for him by leaking false news to the press. So he said I will resign on the 20th Feb then. Off he goes and the Council staff are jumping for joy, Yeah we can get a bonus now and we can hopefully get another Labour puppet in who does as they are told and not challenge us.

So the Council officers told him for them to keep the deal he had to announce his intention ( note this word )  on his Facebook Page. And so he does - what an idiot!

After getting back on his medication and back with his partner who he lives with they say what just happened. His constituents get in  touch and say don't do it and you will be missed. So he decides he will not carry out his intention of resigning as agreed on the 20th Feb especially as the council are leaking false stories left right and centre. Now you can see it the Council officers are getting mad their plan has back fired. Damn damn and more damn we are going to have to tell the wicked witch of Wigan - Donna Hall Chief Executive. Typical bad witch style she jumps on the email and says tough you have resign and I am saying that's it -get over it! O no it isn't!

When you look at the email trail, which this blog has, then it is clear that the Council knew he had not resigned and it was ONLY his intention. and the head of legal services had confirmed this in an email. But he can't tell the wicked witch of Wigan other wise he too might get the sack - just like the last head of Legal Services. Also the Council even confirmed to the paper that the Cllr was resigning on the 20th. The Council only said he has gone now once he had informed them that he was not going to stand down on the 20th January 2018.

So the fun and games will go on and it will be interesting - will the wicked witch get her wish.? O will there be a fairy godmother out there?

Saturday, 6 January 2018

You Couldn't make this up

So with the recent weather and storms a very large tree has fallen at Haigh Park. Wigan Council have put the picture below out showing people looking at it. Yep big tree OK lads stop looking at it and get cutting.

But in true Don't Blame the Council ( remember that TV programme ) Wigan Council lads look at it scratch their heads. and say, "what happens here?"

Answer from colleague - keep you gob shut and we can drag this gig out for a week. Then we bum around and then come back in a week and cut it up!

Yes it#s a big tree go and get that chain saw out the back of you van and  cut it up! But no Wigan Council do nothing for a week. Mind you with the popularity of wood burners maybe Wigan council are hoping people just come and take their own wood. That way they don't have to do anything in a week.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Leader removes Cllr from group

It is with regret that yesterday the Wigan Independents Political Group Leader on Wigan Council asked independent Cllr for Bryn Ste Jones to leave the Wigan Independent group. He informed us that he would sit on the council as a sole independent but has since decided to resign. We wish him well in the future whatever he does.