Friday, 24 November 2017

Shevington Labour run Parish council losses more

It has long been discussed in the area of Shevington, Appley Bridge and this blog how Labour continual losses money on the Parish Council. It has now been disclosed that a simple bowling green that they run in Appley Bridge has lost over £10,000 in just 3 years. This is just one green.

I know that this is run by Labour Cronies and have been told it is just used by just 3 local residents. Labour run parish council says that this is not a business and run for a profit - true - but to lose so much of taxpayers money is ridiculous.

If there was ever a need to get rid of this Labour run quango that sucks ten's of thousands of pounds out of taxpayers for them and their mates is scandalous and residents should be given the referendum that they want. Labour say that on the bases that they have 5 PC Cllrs and Shevington Independents 4 points to that more people don't want it is wrong. Why because at the last Parish elections if you add up the total for and against more voted against in total over all the wards. But Labour refuse to allow the residents a choice.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

What next for Zimbabwe ?

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has resigned with immediate effect. Probably some kind of deal was done but the party that he represented was going to get him impeached for all the things which he has done in the past. But they were implicit in this as well. So hard to see how they could say that without taking some of the rap too.

So there is now going to be a "smooth transition". What does that mean. One would hope for the Country and people that it is but is it a case that the ruling party are just putting their person back in? Maybe free elections for the people to choose their way forward is good too?

In the past it has been other country's that have removed leaders of country's like Libya and Iraq etc rightly or wrongly but these country's have not turned out for the better. Hopefully in time they will but it is hard to see that happening any time soon yet their people suffer.

In this case though it is his own that has turned on him which maybe different and crate a smooth transition but it has to be for the better of the people and not just the ruling party.

Monday, 20 November 2017

What is going on with Tax Payers money 1

Something a little different on this one. Online at the moment there is a lot of chat about what tax payers money is being used for and where it is going. Here is just one example. Rather than do a lot of text I have done a screen with audio over it to talk you through it. If the audio doesn't play automatically then click the play symbol on the bottom right hand side of the picture.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Shevington By Election Update

So this was the first weekend of campaigning by all teams after the nominations were announced on Friday. With this election being a short one then you would expect all out and about.

OK I am biased because I am helping the Shevington Independents but ask any candidate it is hard to get all 5000 houses a leaflet in a short period. This weekend we have had a number of teams out and about and with the whole of Shevington Moor, Standish Lower Ground, Appley Bridge and a large part of Shevington done with just short of 3500 in a weekend is a great result.  The teams will mop up the remaining 1500 over the next couple of days. That will be their first leaflet out.

We had the last years' candidate for UKIP out with us on Saturday helping leafleting and asking his voters last year to support Janet.

They have also been canvassing and the response has been great. With the weather being lovely today people where out and about and in their gardens and we have picked up a large number of pledges, some that have not voted for years but when they say the result last time they will give us a go and see if we can get rid of a Labour Cllr.

The Tory guy doing leaflets on Friday was run out of the area as people just hate the Tories there. Interesting. They have done a couple of bits of the ward.

However, the main missing factor this weekend was Labour- nothing from them. When you look at their social media it is a few shots  of them holding posters up. It is clear that it was true that they couldn't get a candidate sorted in time and then couldn't get their leaflets down in time. Now they are playing catch up. Next week the weather is pouring down so i am glad we will be missing that but I bet Labour wished they didn't have to do 5000 leaflets in the rain.

We are trying a few new things in this election too and seeing what their impact is so keep your eyes out for them.

Nothing from Lib Dems or Greens either.

I have walked over 25 miles this weekend so it is tied feet time but feeling great at the performance from the team. Wednesday will see us move to stage 2 of this election.

Friday, 17 November 2017

And they're off.......

At 4 pm today was the close of nomination papers. Below is a list of the candidates.

At the last by election in Wigan the Lib Dems got 19 votes, so they are hoping to get a few more this time.UKIP have not fielded a candidate and their candidate last year is urging UKIP's supporters to support Janet. Add the two votes up and you beat labour.

The Shevington Independent Candidate, Janet Brown and her team were out today and had a great response from Shevington Lower Ground. New pledges given to her and also the Tory's are definitely not welcome there. One man said who is she and when explained the Independent Candidate he asked will she kick that Tory's arse? Reply have a look at that chart we came second last time and Tory's fourth. He came back love it I am voting her just to beat them Tory's.

Over the weekend the rest of Janet's 1st leaflet will be out throughout the rest of the ward this weekend. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Be careful what you wish for....

Brexit is a word that many people are getting sick of hearing. Yes the UK public voted in favour of leaving the EU and whether it was close or not we have a system in this country and we all know it is first past the post system.

So the MP's that do not agree have tried to deal, block or what ever others may want to call it and ask and demanded that they have a vote before we come out of EU and that Parliament comes out. Not a bad idea but what they didn't think was that they would get it and then the ramifications of it.

David Davis, the Brexit Minister, who some describe as a master statistician has said once the deal has been concluded that parliament would get the final say in the vote and it is a yes or no. The problem now for those MP's that have been demanding this vote is if the Government gets a deal and these MP's do not like they they run the risk of a no deal situation because if they block the deal that has been done and then the time limits runs out in March 2019 then those MP's will be accused - rightly or wrongly - that they made the no deal situation. Damn if they do damn if they don't situation and I do think that they have out manoeuvred now on this.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Shevington Independents update - Tories Lies already

So as we know there is going to be a by-election on the 14th December and the Tories have put out a leaflet announcing their candidate - Callum Chadwick. Now you expect them to try and put a spin on it but to just come out and lie so badly is untrue.

First of all they have included on their election leaflet that they came second in June 2017 and only gthey can beat Labour. Well there was NO election in Shevington in June 2017. Then when there was a local election last in Shevington it was May 2016. In the last election the Tories came 4th, yes 4th. Below is a chart of the results of Wigan Council.

Now also what they claim was Callum has been a Parish Cllr in the past - which he has. Here is his record of attendance. 2011/12 - 51.6%. 2012/13 - 41.9% 2013/14 - 46.4%. What an absolute disgrace!  An average of 46.6%.

If Janet elected Janet will attend all meetings unless there are conflicting meetings where she can not attend both.

Elect someone that will attend - can win and will work for you!